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Horse riding as a therapeutic riding


Green Apple Hippotherapy

We provide hippotherapy and therapeutic riding programmes as rehabilitation treatment for Malaysian children who have been diagnosed with conditions such as autism, Down Syndrome,delayed development and many neuromascular disorders. Many families have limited resources to obtain hippotherapy services for their children and health insurance rarely covers equine therapy.  Establishing and  developing hippotherapy programme is urgently needed in Malaysia.

Hippotherapy Benefits

Therapeutic riding is the next step following hippotherapy. It fosters independence and includes various therapeutic exercises and activities, allowing the rider more advanced physical, psychological and social development. It is a form of medical rehabilitation therapy.


With a wide variety of diagnoses that this is beneficial to, recent studies have determined that Hippotherapy is appropriate for specific diagnoses including:

Attention Deficit Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)


Cerebral Palsy

Closed Head Injury

Developmental Delay

Down Syndrome

Emotional Disorders

Why Hippotherapy

Effective Program

Hippotherapy is a treatment strategy used by Doctors, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists and Speech therapists for treating neuromuscular, cognitive dysfunction, vestibular, and proprioceptive, psychological and developmental dysfunction using the movements of the horses.

Friendly Trainers

Benefits of hippotherapy include improvements in balance, muscle strength, gait, posture and symmetry, joint mobility, sensory processing and motor planning.  In addition, this therapy is far removed from a clinic or hospital setting and comes with the rich sensory and emotional aspects of the horse and beautiful farm setting. 

Highly Trained Horse

The horse's unique walk transfers variable, repetitive and rhythmic movement to the client, which provides sensory input to the brain and nervous system. An average horse takes 120 walking steps per minute, allowing 120 chances each minute for a client to experience this unique movement that cannot be replicated by other apparatus or equipment.



Our Core Values

To provide individuals with special needs a foundation for developing life skills through innovative equine-assisted therapies in a safe caring environment

To become the nationally renowned leader and educator in equine-assisted therapy, which is endorsed as an effective treatment strategy that improves the quality of life for individuals with disabilities


Appeal for Donation

Green Apple Hippotherapy is a community based organization relies on the support of our community to keep our hippotherapy programme running. Support from you makes hippotherapy a reality for children and adults with disabilities.  Your donations to Green Apple Hippotherapy insure the continued high quality service for more people with special needs in the country. The society considers all of its donors part of its team. We could not run our program without the support of the community.

Volunteers are welcomed!

A dream to reality

The society also needs volunteers. Volunteers are committed, willing, caring and professionals. They enhance the quality of the therapies/activities we provide and are role models for healthy social behavior.

 Support from you makes hippotherapy a reality for children and adults with disabilities. Your donations to Persatuan Hipoterapi Malaysia insure the continued high quality service for more people with special needs in the country.



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